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Zadoń H., Miller A., Nowakowska-Lipiec K., Jochymczyk-Woźniak K., Michnik R.

Body postures during sitting in different positions

Lisoń J., Paszenda Z., Basiaga M.

Evaluation of functional properties of ZnO layers deposition on metallic biomaterials by means of ald method

Taratuta A., Paszenda Z., Basiaga M., Antonowicz M., Walke W., Nakonieczny D. 

Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of passive layers produced on niti alloys for use in the cardiovascular system

Kęszycki D., Dybała B., Ziółkowski G., Szymczyk-Ziółkowska P.

Finite element analysis of lumbar disc implant in aspect of treating degenerative changes in spine

Trembecka Wójciga K., Ostrowski R., Lackner J. M., Surmiak M., Plutecka H., Major R.

Functional carbon based coatings on titanium substrate, modified by laser ablation designed for the integration with cardiac tissue and ultimately inhibit the blood clotting process

Romaniszyn-Kania P., Danch-Wierzchowska M., Kania D., Ledwoń D., Mańka A., Bugdol M., Bugdol M., Bibrowicz K., Myśliwiec A., Mitas A.

Influence of back muscle activation in pathological posture assessment based on thermal imaging

Karpiel I.

Influence of the reorientation function on brodmann areas detection efficiency

Białecka M., Walczak T., Grabski J. K., Piontek T., Grygorowicz M.

Isokinetic identification of knee joint time-torque curve shape after medial meniscus treatment

Putko P., Rola R., Mierczyk Z.

Pilot teasting of the influence transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of central nervous system on response time in healthy human

Grabny Ł., Doniec R., Sieciński S., Piaseczna N., Duraj K.

The method for recording the reading comprehension and reading speed with smart glasses

Benek I., Chuchnowska I., Joszko K.

Furniture for elderly people in LEONARDOLAB

Dubiel A.

Developing the technology for the production of personalized polyactide plates for bone assemblies reinforced with glass fiber

Basiaga M., Paszenda Z., Kaczmarek., M., Sambok-Kiełbowicz A., Szindler M., Kazek-Kęsik A.

Adhesion of staphylococcus aureus on various biomaterial surfaces

Błaszczyk M., Mickiewicz P., Wróbel Z.

Anchored facial prosthesis: surgery planning and preparation of the prosthesis

Kiel-Jamrozik M., Jamrozik W., Pawlik M., Goczyla J.

Impact of 3D printing materials on bone phantom features

Treter G., Tokarczyk E., Ziółkowski G., Szymczyk-Ziółkowska P

Influence of density and type of filling on mechanical properties at axial compression of PLA samples produced in FDM technology for biomedical applications

Śmigiel S.

Extreme compression of the biomedical signal using matching pursuit

Flak T., Paluch J., Gabor J., Okła H., Stanula A., Markowski J., Pilch J., Swinarew A.

Organic bacteriostatic material

Gieracka K., Kajzer W., Kajzer A., Kaczmarek., M., Pawilk M.

Study of phisical properties of additively manufactured porous 3D structures intended for implants

Swinarew A. S., Stanula A. J., Gabor J., Raif P., Paluch J., Karpiński J., Kubik K., Okła H., Ostrowski A., Tkacz E., Skoczyński S., Waśkiewicz Z., Rosemann T., Nikolaidis P. T., Knechtle B.

The influence of chlorine in indoor swimming pools on the composition of breathing phase of professional swimmers

Wilk K., Szewczenko J.

Research on the influence of anodic oxidation parameters on the resistance of titanium alloys

Kotulska M., Burdukiewicz M., Wojciechowski J. W., Szulc N., Gąsior-Głogowska M., Chilimoniuk J., Mackiewicz P., Šneideris T., Smirnovas V.

Bioinformatics methods in recognition of amyloid protein aggregates

Kozielski L., Karczewski J., Wyciślok P., Bartel S., Pilch Z., Domin J., Kciuk M., Witek T.

Changes in parameters in salted animal intestines during storage at cooling temperature

Doroniewicz I., Linek P., Knapik A., Posłuszny A., Masłowska A., Myśliwiec A.

The epidemiological analysis of the atlantoaxial articulation instability in children and teenagers with down syndrome attending special education centres in upper silesia (poland) based on the special olympics radiological examination

 Jochymczyk-Woźniak K., Nowakowska-Lipiec K., Zakałużna-Żerebecka A., Gzik M., Michnik R.

Can the ggi index be used to assess the gait of patients wearing orthoses?

Plaza D., Baic A., Lange B., Stanek A., Ślosarek K., Cholewka A.

Correlation of isotherms with isodoses for patients with breast cancer treated by radiotherapy – first study

Kajzer A., Kozioł K., Kajzer W., Malinowska H.

Determination of the force breaking the surgical threads with the use of a testing machine

Michnik R., Danecka A., Mańka A., Mitas A.

Assessment of the time of electromechanical muscle response to a given rhythmic sound stimulus

Mrozek A., Sopa M., Grabski J. K., Walczak T.

Controlling of the upper limb prosthesis using camera and artificial neural networks

Gruszka G., Wodarski P., Ples M., Jurkojć J.

Trends in rehabilitation and diagnosis of gait and balance disfunctionalities based on review of existing systems

Wolański W., Sobkowiak-Pilorz M., Ples M., Gruszka G., Burkacki M., Suchoń S., Gzik M.

Construction of a laboratory stand to study the flows in a transparent models of a blood vessels with bifurcation - preliminary report

Feige D., Sobotnicka E., Michnik A., Sobiech M., Kluszczyński M.

Visualisation of angle trunk rotation measurements

Walczak T., Sopa M., Mrozek A., Grabski J. K.

Mathematical model of cataract development after eye vitrectomy

Mitas A., Turner B., Mańka A., Mitas J.

Biomechatronic Support System for neurological patients by using MMF (musical motor feedback)

Mitas A., Turner B., Mańka A., Mitas J.

Musical motor feedback with sound personalisation - life music in experimental researches

Matyja M.M., Szołtysek J., Mitas A.W.

Musical motor feedback with sound personalisation- life music in experimental researches

Bobik G., Żmudzki J., Bąk M., Niedzielska I., Popielski P.

Mechanical properties of a pure titanium bone fixation plates used in the maxillo-facial surgery manufactured by selective laser melting

Woźniak A., Adamik M.

Corrosion behavior and of Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy in simulate human body solution

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